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NHS Fife - Replacement of existing luminaires with new LED equivalent

NHS Fife - Replacement of existing luminaires with new LED equivalent

Client/Site: NHS Fife Trust
Project duration: 7 weeks
Project value: £38,500.00
Completion date: March 2023
Main Contractor: E.W Edwardson Electrical Contractors Ltd
Trades/ Sub-Contractors involved: N/A

Brief project description: 

E.W Edwardson Electrical Contractors are proud of their involvement in the recent installation works involving installing new LED luminaires throughout Glenrothes Hospital to replace redundant lights. This was initiated by NHS Fife due to funding being allocated due to Government policies banning the production and sales of fluorescent tubes in the coming months in 2023.

The scope of works included.

Our client engineer who looks after Glenrothes Hospital contacted us with the opportunity to quote for carrying out replacing all the existing light fittings throughout the hospital with new LED lights. We arranged a site meeting to have a walk round the property to ascertain what is involved with carrying out a task such as this.

With the engineer’s guidance on lighting levels required in each different setting within the building we surveyed what type and how many of each light fitting was currently in each area and what size and type of replacement LED fitting would be needed to achieve the correct LUX levels. This would take into account whether each individual room was a sitting area/ office area/ clinical area or ward and what lighting level would be most beneficial to the staff on site.

We then, having witnessed the building in full operation, liaised with staff about what the works would involve when our guys started on site and what the best course of action would be to allow us to carry out the works while minimizing disruption to staff and patients but also to keep the costs within budget to give our client the best service.

Once we had concluded this work could be carried out hand in hand with staff on site during normal working hours, we then arranged a quote and lead times of light fittings which was provided to the client for clearance.

Project Challenges: 

The primary challenge with this project was to complete all works within the operational hospital without causing any disruption to the day to day running of the busy building. Due to the size and scale of the building there were issues with where we would store the new equipment and also where skips would be situated to allow us to remove all existing light fittings. This was arranged and due to the fact, the existing lights being removed had fluorescent tubes we were mindful of the dangerous gases within these and made sure they were disposed off in a safe and regulated manner. We were also mindful that all the new light fittings arrived in protective cardboard packaging and our engineers ensured this was all flat packed and recycled correctly. While carrying out the works within the hospital all work area’s had safety barriers erected to protect staff, patients and any members of the public that may be in the area.

Any works on electrical systems must be safely isolated while being carried out and we did this while also keeping in mind that lighting circuits may cause area’s to be dark when switched off so kept staff involved with the process at all times. All works were done in a safe and tidy manner and any mess created while carrying this out would be quickly cleaned and any work areas were left as they had been found.

While replacing lights the engineers will be using either steps or platforms to reach the ceiling height. Our guys on site were always mindful that when in wards with patients when you are working at these heights although always adhering to Working at Height regulations the patient’s modesty and privacy must always also be at the forefront of there minds so no works would be carried out where staff may have a curtain drawn or door shut.

During the process of these works and discussions with staff it was identified that night lights were required in ward settings to allow low levels of light during the night to allow staff to work while allowing patients to sleep. This was quickly pointed out to the client and they along with the engineers on site found a solution which was implemented, and additional costs passed to the client which allowed staff on site to continue to carry out their works to the highest, safest standard and save any upset to the patients.

Overall project risk level: Medium
Complexity Level: Medium

Top three items on the works risk assessment and how these risks were mitigated:

Hazard(s)Aspects of ActivityExisting RiskControl MeasuresResidual Risk
Working at height Collapse of tower scaffoldHigh RiskTower scaffold must be erected by PASMA trained operatives Tower scaffold must be fully fitted out with floor battens, toe boards, mid-rail and top rail Tower scaffold must be checked by a competent person at least weekly and faults reportedLow Risk
Down TakingsRisk of flying debrisHigh RiskEye protection and gloves must be worn at all times. Dust masks work at all times  Low Risk
EnvironmentalRisk of contamination to the siteHigh RiskWaste removed by company vehicle with appropriate waste transfer licence to approved waste transfer station. All operatives to follow strict hygiene rules and correct PPE as per risk assessment for site.  Low Risk

Project Conclusion and Client Collaboration: 

The project was completed within the allocated timeframe across 7 weeks with approximately 2 electrical operatives onsite at all times. Our quotes were approved by the client before any work started and works came in within budget with allowance made for additional works required during program.

Following weekly progress meetings to ensure the client and building staff were happy all compliance documentation was handed over at the end of the project, this included Minor Electrical Works Certificate, This project was on time and in budget, making it a great success.

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