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Emergency Light Testing

We can offer a service of routine monthly/annual inspections of your buildings.

Emergency Light Testing

We can offer a service of routine monthly/annual inspections of your buildings. Our competent Engineers have experience with self-contained emergency lighting systems, self-test emergency lighting systems, static inverters, CMS (Circuit monitoring systems) and emergency central battery units, including addressable units & data monitoring.

We can offer a service of routine, monthly, 6 monthly or annual inspections and servicing in line with BS 5266-1 2016 and manufacturer guidelines.

Regular testing of your emergency lighting systems will provide both peace of mind that your workplace is safe for you and your staff, but also that you meet the requirements as an employer for life safety system.

Central Battery Upgrades – Having completed many successful upgrades for our clients due to conditions, use, or end of life, our skilled team can ensure your life safety system is replaced, installed or upgraded seamlessly. Upon completion of reconfiguration works carried out by our highly skilled team, panels are re-commissioned to the technical specification and certified reports are submitted to our clients. All works are guided to the Code of Practice BS5266-1:2016.

All of the above systems vary, AC and DC, with 4 different battery types:
•  Valve regulation lead acid
•  Vented nickel-cadmium
•  High performance plate lead acid
•  Flat plate lead acid

Our dedicated team has an understanding working with both, AC battery systems – designed to provide reliable, continuous power to luminaires, exit signage and other safety devices in the event of a power failure, alongside DC battery system – automatically providing an alternative power supply in the event of AC supply failure.

Our Engineers gain invaluable knowledge by attending “Awareness and Understanding of Substations” including UPS and Central Battery Systems” Training days.

So, when a power interruption occurs and your building becomes dark and dangerous, making navigation unsafe - Emergency Lighting comes into its own, providing you and your staff temporary lighting to ensure their safe exit from the building, you know who to call!

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