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Dundee City Council - White Top, Respite & Care Centre

Dundee City Council - White Top, Respite & Care Centre

Client/Site: Dundee City Council / White Top Day Care Centre, Dundee
Project duration: 6 Weeks
Project value: £40,000.00 (Within budget)
Completion date: August 2022
Main Contractor: E.W Edwardson Electrical Contractors Ltd
Trades/ Sub-Contractors involved: None

EICR/ Electrical Upgrade Works within Critical Care Unit inc Small Power and Distribution Board

Brief project description: 

E.W Edwardson Electrical Contractors are proud to support Dundee City Council with Electrical Inspection Condition Reporting, associated remedial works and most recently, the Electrical upgrade works within White Top Respite and Care centre. Our professional team conducted a thorough inspection and completed a detailed report, itemising where remedial work was urgently required. We coded the recommended course of action into 4 categories:

- C1 (Danger Present – Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required), C2 (Potentially Dangerous – Urgent remedial action required, C3 (Improvements recommended – detailed on EICR), F1 (Further investigation required)

This was done coincidingly with new small power, poolside emergency lighting and replacement distribution board to accommodate additional capacity.

The scope of works included

Identifying and tracing out existing circuits, supplied directly from the distribution board, which was to be upgraded, investigation works were carried out due to the critical nature of the site and reported back to Dundee City Councils internal design team of architects and engineers. A project plan was then put together to take into account the site and access constraints for periods of isolation, temporary power and timescales.

Authorisation was then received to proceed with the EICR on various shift patterns to accommodate vacant areas around patients and replace the existing distribution board with new 12-way TP&N, thus allowing spare ways and additional protection. The installation of new containment was required for re-routing of existing circuits due to the length of cables and a new din rail enclosure where many of the outgoing ways would be terminated and jointed. A programme was put together around the leisure centres planned events and classes for the disabled, thus allowing us to install the new emergency lighting when the pool was not in use. The pool was covered during the installation works and temporary barriers were put around the perimeter of the pool as per EWE risk assessment, employees were also provided with life vests following an additional risk assessment.

The entire system was tested, commissioned and appropriate documentation completed by our electrical team upon completion, all around the operational activities and hours of Dundee City Council/ NHS and patients.

Project Challenges: 

The primary challenge with this project was access and shut down arrangements, giving critical care, which is provided to inpatients, temporary power was often required to be enabled to allow patient care to continue. Our contracts manager had daily meetings with Dundee City Council and the building manager to ensure the programme was still achievable and no issues had arisen.

Cable routes and access points for the electrical installation of the new emergency lighting around poolside proved challenging due to the limited space above the existing vaulted ceilings.

Poolside working in general was overall a complex undertaking due to the disabled pool lifts which blocked MEWP access and restricted our team from certain areas. Our experienced team used their experience to ensure cables were routed to ensure minimum damage to the fabric of the building. A specific risk assessment was carried out to put in place appropriate measures, allowing the project to be completed in a safe manner.

We were faced with secondary cost challenges due to the procurement of materials and delivery timescales; this was overcome by our internal buyer who worked tirelessly to ensure quality materials were onsite to avoid delays.

With regular service users relying on the continued use of the building we required close communication to ensure that areas were cordoned off correctly, power outages caused minimum impact and ensuring clear and safe areas of working with the use of MEWPS which most of our experienced team are licensed to operate.

We are pleased to report that all challenges were overcome thanks to close communication between ourselves and the project management team.

Overall project risk level: Medium
Complexity Level: High

Hazard(s)Aspects of ActivityExisting RiskControl MeasuresResidual Risk
LightingInability to see could cause slips trips fallsHigh RiskTemporary lighting installed to provide adequate lighting throughout work site
Employees should stop work and report any failure of lighting immediately.
Low Risk
ElectricityWorking with electricityHigh RiskElectrical systems should be switched off and disconnected before work commences.
Lock off kits should be used to ensure systems cannot be reconnected without authorisation.
Warning notices should be posted to advise electrical work is in progress.
All electrical work should be supervised, and final connections made by qualified employees.
Consideration of secondary supplies should be made.
Low Risk
Water/ DrowningRisk of death from drowning when working near waterHigh RiskWhen working near water employees should have edge protection and/or flotation devices available
Where there are no edge protection available employees must wear life vests when working near water
Employees should not attach themselves to a MEWP or any other heavy plant or machinery when working near water
Low Risk

Project Conclusion and Client Collaboration:

The project was completed within the allocated timeframe with approximately 4 electrical operatives onsite at all times. Our valuations were approved by the client following weekly progress meetings and compliance documentation handed over on time to the highest standard expected and within budget.
The nature of this project required methodical and coordinated planning and execution of works in order to deliver the project without any issues, on time and within budget. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and minimum impact to all.

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